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Surefit 3 (SF3) Power Kuppel

95,00 kr

The Resound Surefit 3 domes are suitable for hearing aids from Resound with Surefit 3 speakers (From ReSound One onwards). Furthermore, these domes can also be used with Beltone and Interton devices equipped with SureFit 3.

The domes are available in 4 different models: open domes, closed domes, tulip domes, and power domes. For optimal performance and hygiene, you should replace the domes every 4 weeks and always use original replacement domes for the best experience.

Benefits of Resound Surefit 3 Domes:

  • Comfort-fit domes that adapt to your ear canal.
  • Multiple models for different listening scenarios.
  • With and without ventilation holes.
  • Bright, warm, or intense sound experiences for any situation.

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Surefit 3 (SF3) Power Kuppel
95,00 kr Vælg varianter